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Looking for trusted resources? We have done the research for you.

Wellness Cruise Line that offers different retreats. Pick the best that caters to your needs.

Best detox for heavy metals, parasites, and other body intruders

Laura Graye, The creator of Medigraytions, a pioneering new way to heal oneself through the blended power of medical science, meditation, neural plasticity, and one’s own consciousness.

A schoolhouse for the soul, a space for spirit and community,  a place to circle and cultivate bravery, courage, grace and belonging.

A one stop shop for all your vitamin needs with a Non-GMO only policy and highly knowledgable staff. Also has far-infrared sauna and Organic Hair Salon.

Psychic Tarot reader who specializes in deep transformations and finding your purpose. Handmade spiritual supplies, Candles, and Online Mystery School.

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